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Wax Up Your Ride

Mermaid Cowgirl Co offers for sale a unique hoof wax to help keep water from damaging your horses' hooves, or that helps hydrate hooves in dry environments.  

Each batch is homemade, and made with love.  All natural and organic (when possible) ingredients so you don't have to get harmful chemicals on you or your horse.  Can double up as a hand balm, foot balm, or lotion.  

We use a delightful blend of essential oils that help to keep bacteria from growing when hooves are wet.  

Mermaid Cowgirl Hoof Wax was created by a horse trainer who was unimpressed with not only the effectiveness, but of the harsh chemicals in other hoof care products.  

She wanted something that not only worked, but felt good to get on herself as well!  Not only does it smell amazing, but it feels good to rub into your hands as well.  

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The Story

Mindy wanted a solve for her horse, Aurora.  They had moved from Yosemite back to Texas, and the conditions in Houston were much wetter than they were used to.  Mindy went into the kitchen with multiple experiments, and much research on what would help.  She was fascinated with beeswax, and how it could block or hydrate.  Mindy also wanted something she could use for Aurora that would be nice to get on her own hands.  Mermaid Cowgirl Hoofwax became her answer!

Mindy thought she had made something she could just use for herself, until she started using a new farrier.  The farrier wasn't convinced until he saw Mermaid Cowgirl Hoofwax in action, and then started selling to his clients.  The trials saw happy horses, owners, and hooves.  

Other farriers started selling our wax, and now it is available for a larger market.  

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